Welcome to Raptor Retrofit. We custom build high performance headlights for 2009+ Ford F150's. We combine years of experience in headlight retrofits with outstanding customer service to produce the highest quality HID headlights on the market. These are not the cheap HID headlights you will find on ebay, all of our custom built headlights are hand tuned for optimum performance.

We ensure a dead level cutoff and perfect step up alignment with our custom built headlight jig. We also tune every projector so the light hotspot is centered on the step up. We are all about the details and thats what sets us apart from the crowd. Established in 2010 we have watched a lot of pop up companies in the retrofit world come and go over the years leaving their clients with zero warranty/customer service. We will be here for years to come to handle any of your customer service needs. Please take some time to look around and contact us with any questions.

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