Morimoto XB LED Headlights

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White LED outline - Retail $1500

Choose what style lights your truck came from the factory with


Amber LED outline - Retail $1600

Choose what style lights your truck came from the factory with

WIRING: Plug and Play Harness

  • LED DRIVERS: XB LED Driver Modules

  • WARRANTY: 5 Years

  • F150 : 2015-2017

  • RAPTOR: 2015-2018

  • REPLACES: FL3Z-13008B, FL3Z-13008A (Halogen)

  • REPLACES: HL3Z-13008-A, HL3Z-13008-A (LED)

  • WIRING: Plug n Play


  • INPUT: Proprietary Ford Multi-pin

  • WEATHER RATING: IP67 Waterproof

  • LENS MATERIAL: High Impact Polycarb (UV-Resistant)

  • LIGHT SOURCE: Osram Ostar Headlamp LED

  • LED OPTICS: Kuria Quad Optics

  • INTENSITY: 2,600lm (raw; each)

  • COLOR: 5500K (Pure White)

Custom Built MLED Headlights

New LED Headlight Build For 2015-2017 F150 Featuring Morimoto's M-LED Projector


The new M-LED projector is Bi-LED(low/high beam LED)

Benefits of the M-LED include superior width and distance, increased brightness, instant on, reliability, true plug and play install(no harness required), 5900K light output.

We build this projector into a brand new set of 2015+ OEM headlights. Everything is included, just remove the stock lights, unplug the connectors, connect them to the new lights and you are ready to go. 100% plug and play install.


If adding LED rings, outlines or backlit lenses to this build they need to be powered. They can be powered from the marker wires so they come on when the headlight switch is in the 1st or 2nd position. You can also power them from a switch in the cab. Red or blue backlit lenses are not road legal and need to be powered from a switch in the cab.


Please Contact Us with questions or orders


M-LED Headlight Build(new set of OEM lights included) - $1350

Blacked out or OEM color matched paint - $100

White or Amber LED Outlines - $200

White or Amber LED rings(full circle or evil eye) - $100


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