Custom Built OEM HID headlights

The 2014 OEM HID headlights now come standard with the EvoX 50w upgrade. The increase in performance includes - wider low beams, concentrated high beams for more distance, pure white light with 5500K bulbs and 2400 more lumen with the 50w ballasts. You can also send in your OEM HID lights for any upgrades.






Brand new OE Replica HID EvoX 50w Headlights - $1050


Sent in OEM HID Labor/Shipping - $300

EvoX 50w upgrade(for sent in lights) - $350

Upgrade Options / Pricing

Amber or White C-Clamp - $200

Amber or White Dual LED Strips - $200

Amber or White LED Ring - $100

Red, Blue or Green Backlit lens - $100

Custom Image laser etch lens - $100

Custom paint, includes any custom cutout for side reflector - $100

Any of our white C-Clamp, Dual Strips or Rings can be made switchback so they flash amber when the turn signal is active.

FXR 50w HID Build

We retrofit the high performance FX-R HID projector into halogen headlights. The 50w ballasts come premounted on the back of the headlights and the included wire harness makes the HID system 100% plug and play. Options and pricing below.


FXR 50w HID build - $975

Amber or White LED rings - $100

Blacked out or custom paint - $100

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